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Site Map

Ka `Imi Na`auao O Hawai`i Nei, an organization founded by Roselle Bailey, dedicated to the preservation, celebration and education of Hula and the Hawaiian Culture.

About Us
Through Hula, we help to restore the culture to its original dignity.

Halau History - The history and evolution of our Hula Halau in the Hawaiian Islands

Our Kumu - About our Kumu Hula, Roselle Bailey.

Ceremonies & Weddings performed by Kumu Hula, Roselle Bailey in Hawaii.

News & Events
Hula Halau News & Events

Halau News - Recent happenings in our Hula organization

Upcoming Events - Schedule of current and upcoming Hula and Hawaiian Cultural events

Archives - Archives of our organization's articles and letters.

Hula and Hawaiian Culture classes are offered in Hawaii, the U.S. as well as abroad.

Kauai - Hula Classes offered on Kauai

Maui - Hula Classes and Canoe Paddling on Maui

Oahu - Hula Classes offered on Oahu, Hawaii

Samoa - Hula Classes in Samoa

California - Hula Classes in Millbrae, California

Germany - Hula Classes offered in Germany

Switzerland - Hula Classes offered in Switzerland

Austria - Hula Classes offered in Austria

Hula and Hawaiian Culture Education

The Hula - About the Hawaiian Hula

The Heiau - Sacred locations in the Hawaiian Culture

The Halau - Explanations of the purpose and subjects of the Hawaiian Hula Halau

History of Hula - A history of the Hawaiian Hula

Adornment - The Costume and Adornment of the Hawaiian Hula

Instruments - The instruments used to perform the Hawaiian Hula

Sovereignty - The Hawaiian Nation reclaims its place in the world.

Vaka Taumako - The Vaka Taumako canoe building project

Value Words - Hawaiian words and their meanings and usage

Ka`Imi Na`auao O Hawai`i Nei membership information

Contact Us
Contact Ka`Imi Na`auao O Hawai`i Nei