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Our Vision & Mission

 Kaimi 08 Eo Emmalani

Ka `Imi Na`auao O Hawai`i Nei Institute

…means to search for the truth of the Hawaiian culture. Through hula, we help restore the culture to its original dignity. We teach how to understand, enjoy, and appreciate the medicine, science, art, language, crafts, philosophy and religion of the Hawaiian people.

“E Mau Ke Ea, E Mau Ke Ola” Let the spirit live; may life and health flourish”


Ka ’Imi in Geneva: Reception at the U.S. Mission Independance Day 2015

Dancers of Ka ’Imi Switzerland, Germany and Austria performed at the permanent U.S. Mission to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland on July 7th 2015, on occasion of the celebration of Independence Day 2015. The theme of this afternoon was Hawaii and the “Aloha Spirit”. Ambassador Pamela Hamamoto (grown up in Hawaii) invited the Band […]

Hula Alapa‘i i Noho i Kuali‘i of Oahu celebrates 25th Anniversary

Our O‘ahu hālau observed its 25th anniversary on July 13, 2014.  Featured were favorite kahiko and ‘auwana hula by keiki and makua classes.  Most of these hulas come from Ka ‘Imiʻs shared repertoire.  Others, such as the keikiʻs “Toad Song” and “Ūlili E”, and the mākuaʻs “Kaleohano” and “Alekoki”, were created by Hi‘ipoi.  One of […]

Roselle Bailey

Hana Hou! Magazine

Homeward Bound Story by Shannon Wianecki

In 1975 a resolute kumu hula (hula teacher) named Roselle Bailey took on the restoration of Keahualaka, an ancient hula amphitheater on Kaua‘i that had fallen into disrepair.
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